Turkey Scraps Construction of TPP near Bulgarian Border

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Turkey has given up plans for the construction of a thermal power plant (TPP) in the town of Igneada, near the border with Bulgaria. The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning has rejected the proposal of a Turkish company to build the TPP on grounds the project is unfeasible. The site of the projected plant is just across the Bulgarian village of Rezovo, whose residents staged a torchlight protest rally last Saturday amidst fears the project will destroy the Strandzha mountain forests. Meanwhile, however, Turkey’s Deputy Energy Minister Hasan Murat Mercan said referring to the project: “That has not been decided yet, the question is still discussed,” “As you know, this is not a political decision but a rather technical one and it will be based on the research done by geology and seismology experts,” he explained, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio.

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  1. Can someone explain TPP? Is this a geothermal plant? Most of the references i could find to “TPP” elsewhere referred to using coal or gas. The articles on this proposed plant in Turkey have been consistently vague on the type of energy generation proposed. Any help?!

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