More Jobs on a Dead Planet?

Bummer Reports of Pro-Industry “Protest” Around the World

As the Earth shows ever-increasing, irrefutable signs of overlapping global crises in biodiversity loss, climate change and human cancer rates, the work-vs-ecology debate continues to distract good people around the world and fuel the industrial death cult (what most politicians casually refer to as “the economy”).

For instance, The World-Herald Poll released a report today that more than half of Nebraskans can’t wait for the tar sands to plow through their farms, forests and water supply.

Meanwhile, in Northern Canada, where the tar sands currently originate, a crew of truckers and construction companies are protesting in favor of a new road, complaining about the environmental permits aimed at protecting wildlife such as fish and caribou in the regions of the Beaufort Sea, Mackenzie River delta, Yukon North Slope and western Canadian Arctic Islands…

And in Italy today, workers are occupying a dirty factory, some of them demanding the site remain in operation rather than close down temporarily for environmental upgrades.

On a more upbeat note, in a neighboring country, Greece, workers and anarchists fought police in the streets during yet another General Strike. While the US reports on the reason for the riot were vague, these anti-austerity protests usually tend to at least be anti-capitalist… Let’s hope the anti-industrial, anti-speciesist tendencies in Greece were present to counter-balance the pro-industry commies.

Yes, we know its easy to despair about this shit. But rest assured, people are fighting back all over as well. And they may need your support to continue doing so… What are you waiting for, shut off the internet and get out to East Texas, where they celebrate day 3 of blockading the Keystone pipeline construction.

~News compiled for the Earth First! Newswire, by Panagioti

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