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Badass former and current Earth First! Journal Collective members at this Summer’s EF! Rondy Action! Join us for our vacation cycle, every 6 months you can find us in a different part of the country, joining in the ruckus for the wild!

The Earth First! Journal Collective is currently seeking playmates in our south Florida office for short-term and long-term engagements. As long-time Earth First!ers, we know how hard it is to commit to a bioregion outside our own, however, we believe that the perfect partners are still out there–searching for a lasting relationship like the one we can provide. Those interested in learning more about this very stimulating experience can send cookies and love letters to our PO Box, for bribing purposes only, or you can simply e-mail us at: collective@earthfirstjournal.org, with “Interested in Employment” in the subject line. We will send you an application and give you plenty of opportunity to tell us how much you love the wild! 

Short-term Employment
“Short-terming” as we say in the business, is an awesome experience for those of you who are transient yet, looking to plug into a project that leaves you feeling satisfied, important, and renews your desires to be out in nature more – primarily because the Earth First! Journal office is pretty small and is lacking in wilderness. Though anyone is welcome to come and volunteer with the EF! J Collective (call or write for more information so we know when you want to come and can work on getting you somewhere to crash), short-terming is a 2-month minimum commitment.

If you are able to commit to working on the Earth First! Journal for 2-months (20 hours a week), we will pay you a small stipend and help you with housing, a bike to borrow and share our morsels of food with you, too. During your time on the Collective you will be able to tap into an array of projects from: content selection and editing for the next issue, posting news and actions on this here newswire, helping out around the office with mundane tasks such as mail sorting and e-mail responses. There’s also great opportunities to help with prisoner support, both through the Journal and the local books to prisons project in Lake Worth; additionally, there is a new community bike shop, community gardens and plenty of fun projects outside of the Journal to keep you busy and happy.

There are many kinds of projects that make the Earth First! Journal possible, including operating a non-profit business in a non-hierarchical, consensus-based decision-making process! Our goal is to give you an experience and skills that you can take to your community.

If you are interested in long-terming at the Journal we can talk about that more, as well. Lots of people over the years have transitioned from short-term positions to long-term positions. Though this might sound painful to some, it is in fact very rewarding. Long-terming requires at least a one year commitment, with a minimum 30 hour work week and other work guidelines. No previous experience is required, aside from having read a couple issues of the publications, having been to a Summer or Winter Rondy, not being opposed to the EF! tenets and preferably having participated in some form of direct action — again, not a requirement to apply!

Specifically, the Earth First! Journal Collective is ALSO looking for people that are experienced in the following areas to come and help on either a short-term or long-term basis:

– Accounting, book keeping, finances

– Re-vamping our HTML www.earthfirstjournal.org website

– Grant writing and fundraising

-International Distribution & Book Fairs

If you are interested in working with the EF! Journal Collective but can not move to Lake Worth, please send your request for an application and specify how you would like to contribute, how many hours a week you can work on projects and how many months/years you are interested in working on the Journal. We are open to negotiations, but it is preferred that people come to Lake Worth so we can build on our relationship.

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