Family Fun Day at the blockade against coal seam gas in Australia

Last week Police started issuing infringement notices at the blockade site of Fullerton Cove coal seam gas pilot project in Newcastle, Australia. Officers told the protesters that they must vacate the site. Instead more residents have arrived to support the cause. And two women, Fullerton Cove residents Lisa McDonald and grandmother Julie Wood, chained themselves to a tractor at the front of the property.

“It’s got to be done. The government won’t help us and this is what we have to do,” said Ms McDonald.

And today the Fullerton Cove residents group is hosting a “Family Fun Day” at the site of the community blockade against Dart Energy’s project.

“From 10am until 2pm we will celebrate one week of blockade with a community carnival! There’ll be a jumping castle, mini-ferris wheel, face-painting, a BBQ and lots of fun! This is a great opportunity for people to come down and visit our blockade, and talk to the Fullerton Cove residents about the threat that coal seam gas poses to the community and the environment.”

Dart Energy has received state and federal consent to drill four test holes at the site, which has been blockaded since last Monday morning.

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