Blow, Blow Seminole Wind…

If you thought the anarchists could really piss off the US Empire, check out the Seminole resistance to honky expansionism. The story mentioned above is a bit lopsided in favor of the establishment, but give it a read, you’ll get the idea…

Blow across the home of the bureaucrats, the lobbyists and the cops

by Clinton Tyree

While the Tampa police and several media outlets obsess about whether or not some bricks and pipes on top of a building were intended to be launched at their heads during the RNC next week, the potential for much more substantial projectiles is brewing off the coast.

According to a recent report, Hurricane Isaac Threatens to Swamp Republican Convention, the Mayor says he’s ready to call it all off. So far the storm, already as big as Texas, has succeeded in hitting the empire where it hurts, causing hundreds to evacuate to the US military base in Guantanamo Bay.

This lovely report reminds us, “The last Hurricane to hit Florida, Wilma, was a Catagory 1 but did billions in damage.”

The prospect that forces of nature could call off a gathering of arguably the  most elite politicians in the world is almost enough to make ya wanna get to church and give thanks to lord Jesus for such karmic retribution. Or not.

Regardless, the Everglades Earth First! crew is still inviting you to join us out in the streets, celebrating one of the only elements on the planet that the status quo seems to respond to. As Mama Nature once whispered into the ear of a crusty ol’ bearded Russian anarchist, the urge to destroy is a creative urge (as in, “I want to create some smashed glass from that McDonald’s window over there.”)

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