ELF prisoner Jesse Waters to be released soon

Jesse Waters

Send him a letter today!

Last fall, Jesse Waters—a man from the Detroit area—was sentenced in Grand Rapids for his role in an Earth Liberation Front (ELF) activities in the early 2000s (the same activities that got Marie Mason over 20 years in prison). According to the BOP, he is set to be out on September 5th. But its not too late to send him a letter welcoming him back to life outside.

His address is:

Jesse William Waters, #15854-040,
FCI Elkton, Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 10
Lisbon, OH 44432

In the most recent issue of Fifth Estate there is an article (Snitch Gets Reduced Term: Another Prison Sentence in Marie Mason Case”, Spring 2012) about the case by Waters’ Attorney. We’re happy to report that Waters took a non-cooperation plea agreement and has not participated in any briefings with the government nor will he assist them in any investigations into environmental activists.

Sadly, despite the weak nature of the government’s case, Waters was essentially forced to plea because the principle snitch in Marie Mason’s case—Frank Ambrose—provided information on Waters. Another co-defendant in the case, Stephanie Fultz, also chose to sell out her co-defendants and cooperate. Moreover Waters was facing a minimum prison sentence of five years if convicted and a “terrorism enhancement” that could have increased the sentence to 22 years.

We’d encourage everyone to write letters to Jesse Waters as its important that we show those in prison that they are not forgotten.

Waters’ lawyer, who is also the head of a local National Lawyers Guild (NLG) chapter, says that there are two main lessons that we can draw from this prosecution:

  1. If any activist has been involved in, or might be accused of having been involved in a possible crime while engaging in political activism, the time to consult with an experienced NLG lawyer is now. Also, “DON’T TALK TO THE FBI!”
  2. All activists should be cautious about whom they trust. If someone suddenly shows up and wants to talk about legally questionable activities from the past or suggests crimes, get away from that person immediately.
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