BREAKING NEWS: Protect the Peaks Tree-sit Update & Video

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Clean Snow! –


UPDATES on TREE-SIT as of Tuesday, August 21st

3:15 PMALERT: 5 Fire Dept. people at tree-sit. One Fire Dept. tactical climber on site. Ground support asked them not to touch James’ lifeline but they ignored that warning! SUPPORT & WITNESSES NEEDED! Call the City of Flagstaff & urge them not to further threaten James’ life! PHONE: (928) 779-7600.

1:00 PMVideo posted

12:41 PMUPDATE: Snowbowl security roping off area around tree-sit. SUPPORT & WITNESSES NEEDED! Tree-sit is located close to Thorpe Park on Mars hill.

11:00 AM – Directions to Tree-sit

10:00 AM – TREE-SIT UPDATE: Cops, detectives, fire department arrived. Please contact Lowell Observatory (where the tree sit is near) and respectfully urge them to allow tree-sit supporters onto the property to check tree-sit knots to ensure protestor’s safety. Main phone: (928) 774-3358,; Other Contacts: Mary DeMuth
(928) 233-3235

9:30 AM – UPDATES: Ground supporter arrested. CORRECTION: NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED! – Cops gave “trespass” warning, took pictures, and left. No cops at site currently only ground support!

8:35 AM – URGENT TREE-SIT ALERT: 2 people lock down to equipment to ensure tree-sitters safety. NEED WITNESSES AND PEOPLE PRESENCE THERE NOW!!!! Please come if you can! Spread the word! For out of towners, we need you too! Come to Flag ready for action!

7:30 AM – URGENT TREE-SIT ALERT: Equipment company readying to untie tree-sit lifeline anchor, cops on their way.

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  1. FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A man who perched in a tall pine tree to protest the construction of a pipeline to bring reclaimed water from Flagstaff to the Arizona Snowbowl has ended his protest after lightning moved into the area.

    James Kennedy says he made an emergency descent from the tree early Thursday as lightning was striking all around him.

    Flagstaff police planned to arrest 26-year-old but Kennedy says no officers were around when he came down.

    Protesters are opposed to the pipeline because the Snowbowl ski resort plans to use the water for snowmaking. They say that the reclaimed water from Flagstaff’s sewage treatment plant may contain antibiotic resistant genes.

    Kennedy’s tree stand on the Lowell Observatory grounds has been dismantled and he’ll have to come up with another protest method.

    (Story distributed by The Associated Press)

    Kinda sucks that he had to get down but this has defiantly brought attention to this important issue. I mean, who’s going to want to spend insane amounts of money to play in poo-snow.


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