Shaleshock Shuts Down Shumberger Fracking Site

The Statue of Liberty says “What the Frack are you doing to this state!?”

Our friends at Shaleshock posted this update to Don’t Frack With Us

At around 11am, August 11th, over 150 people arrived to block the main truck entrance in and out to the Schumberger Facility, a huge service facility for the fracking industry which covers the entire regional area of drilling providing chemicals, frac sand, truck servicing, and other aspects along with being a coporate headquarters.) . 20 of the 150 came prepared to use their bodies to blockade the facility until they were removed by police.  Faced with such large numbers and organized resistance, Schumberger did not have their normal daytime shift. People stayed until 4:30 PM, stopping the daytime operation of this 24/7 hour facility and then left of their own accord, deciding that the action was a success.

The Shaleshock Direct Action Working Group remains committed to using direct action to confront the presence of a gas industry that is intent on poisoning the land, air and water of our communities. As more people in this movement become interested in peaceful resistance, we intend to continue our work organizing and educating.

The Original Invitation to Take Action, reposted from: Shaleshock

Saturday, 9:30 AM (Alpine Junction, NY), people will converge on a Frack Industry site to demonstrate our right as people to shut down, and effectively stop fracking. The rumor is absolutely correct. (keep reading for detailsFriends! Community Members! Allies!Join us to defend our communities, land, and water from hydro-fracking!

When: Saturday, August 11th @ 9:30 am

Where: Alpine Junction Park and Ride at the intersection of Route 13 and Route 224, opposite the Harley-Davidson Dealership. The approximate address for GPS: 6023 New York Route 13, Cayuta, NY

Who: You, your family/kids, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends

What: We will first gather for a pre-action breakfast and orientation. We will then caravan to the site of the action. Once we arrive at the site, a number of prepared, dedicated individuals will risk arrest by using their bodies as a direct resistance to fracking. The rest of us will join together in a large family friendly rally where we will hear speakers (including Sandra Steingraber), chant, sing, and raise our voices in resistance amid puppets, signs, and music-makers.

What to Bring: Water, a small snack (if you want), comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing/shoes, anti-fracking signs, drums and other music-makers, your voice!

Why: The anti-fracking movement needs direct action like never before. This summer, we need to show the public, the industry, the politicians and ourselves that we CAN and WILL take our bodies to the industry’s door. We must band together and resist as a community if we want to survive as a community!

As the gas industry continues to build fracking infrastructure in New York, threatening our state and others in the Marcellus region, we cannot continue to simply cross our fingers that something will prevent fracking from destroying our home. We must be the force that stops fracking.This action is about solidarity throughout the Marcellus region. There will be NO sacrifice zones.

Join our facebook event:

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To support those willing to risk arrest:

Full Story, re-posted from: Shaleshock

Just over a month ago, the people of New York partook in the hugely successful Talisman Action, where we directly confronted the gas industry at its offices. Over 150 of us from all walks of life stood strong at Talisman’s doorstep, sending a powerful message to the industry, legislators, and the public.

It was the largest demonstration directly confronting the gas industry in New York State — ever.

As the gas industry continues to build infrastructure in New York, preparing to begin fracking any day now, we must nurture and strengthen our resistance. This means that we must come together, once again, to directly confront the hydro-fracking industry.

We promised the media — and each other — that Talisman was just the first of many escalations to come. We have proven that New Yorkers are not going to wait around for politicians to step in and protect us, because as we’ve seen time and time again, they usually don’t. It’s our right and responsibility to stand up for our communities and to defend our land and water. We can and have used our bodies to send a message, and we will continue to directly confront industry until fracking no longer threatens our state or any other.

We stand in solidarity with our friends across the border in Pennsylvania, friends who are getting sick because fracking there relies on facilities currently operating in New York. Hydro-fracking is a complex process which knows no borders (many steps of the process occur in different states), and neither do the interconnected waterways which fracking poisons. In order to fight fracking and protect water and communities, we cannot abandon our friends in Cuomo’s five “target” Southern Tier counties, nor can we abandon our friends in PA or anywhere else.

This brings us to the purpose of this call-out: our next big action. This Saturday, August 11 at 9:30 am folks from near and far will gather at the Alpine Junction Park and Ride at the intersection of Route 13 and Route 224, opposite the Harley-Davidson Dealership  (Approximate Address:6023 New York Route 13, Cayuta, NY) for a pre-action orientation and breakfast. From there, we will caravan as a group to the final destination of our action. Like last time, the organizers of this event are choosing not to disclose further information about the nature or location of this action for reasons and safety and strategy. That said, this will be an action that is unprecedented in the history of the anti-fracking movement throughout the Marcellus region so far.

We encourage you to bring your children, families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow activists. The Talisman action was successful largely because of the wholesome diversity of folks there: it really was a slice of the community pie. We had many first-time demonstrators, and we eagerly welcome new faces. Please join us in taking a stand for your land, water, and communities!

At this upcoming action, there is an opportunity for civil disobedience for those interested in making a bold, profound statement against hydro-fracking by risking arrest. We have been working with our legal advisers to ensure that anyone arrested will have adequate support and council. Any arrests that do occur at this action will be for minor offenses only, and can be easily avoided by those who do not wish to be arrested on Saturday. There is absolutely no pressure to be arrested and the action will be successful regardless of whether or not folks are arrested. There is also an option of donating to the Shaleshock  Direct Action Working Group Fund <> in order to help with bail funds and legal fees for this and future actions. Any amount you can give is helpful — and it’s a great way to support direct action if you are unable to be arrested yourself.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas please contact or visit our website
See you on the 11th!

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  1. So… You wasted gas and did nothing? Congrats on another completely ineffective show of ineptitude! We, the general public, in order to continue being entertained by your pointless tirades against everything, do hereby request that you do something interesting next time.

    • We had more fun at our picnic shutting down Schlumberger than you had trolling the internet or watching corporate sponsored news 😉 And yes there were a line of trucks which were not able to access the site, at the very least a pain in the ass for them–Horray, mission accomplished!

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