2013 EF! Round River Rendezvous


We are thrilled to announce that Croatan Earth First! will be hosting next summer’s rendezvous in North Carolina.

We’re already scouting out some beautiful locations that will have lots of swimming and hiking. The location will most likely be in the Piedmont or the Eastern end of the mountainous regions. We’re hoping to bring in more primitive skills and plant/mushroom identification to the next gathering. We’re looking for folks to host workshops, and to submit ideas for workshops/panels they’d like to see. We’re going to need lots of funds to put on the rondy, and we’ve already begun fundraising with a recent puppet show that brought in 400 dollars. If you have access to money please consider donating to our wepay. If you have money you can put aside for us as bail money, that will also make a difference with our upcoming action next summer, and you can get that money back!

How you can help:

Donate material support: tarps, rope, climbing gear, walkie talkies, water filtration systems, REI Gift cards, bail money, money for supplies. Bring your mountain bikes, canoes or kayaks for others to use over the week.

Donate your time: Offer to host a workshop, or to help with the kitchen crew, help us haul supplies in or out of the forest with your truck. Help with set up/breakdown/clean-up before or after the gathering.

Offer workshop ideas or speakers by e-mail suggestions to croatanearthfirst (at) gmail.com

Donate To our Rendezvous Fund Now!

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