‘Fracking’ — A Protest Song

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‘Fracking’ is a song written in opposition to the industrial extraction of fossil-fuel shale gas by hydraulic fracturing, and aims to increase awareness of the many dangers that fracking presents. The protest song has a long tradition across all types of movements and struggles, and it is hoped that this recording can do its small bit to help build community resistance to fracking across the world.

The song is an adaptation of a previous environmental protest song ‘Lignite’ by the band Axis Of. In that instance a community resistance movement successfully warded off attempts to create an open-cast mine near the town of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. The ‘Fracking’ song was recorded by Jim and Ewen, at Bo Sheppard’s ‘Shipwrecked Studios’ in Portstewart, Co. Derry in April this year. After having been alerted to the imminent dangers of fracking by the dire experiences reported from previous frack sites (the US in particular), it was felt that people in other areas threatened by this devastating process needed to be informed. While ‘conventional’ community organizing is having some impact, many people still remain oblivious to the threat of fracking – another approach would benefit the overall movement, and this song represents another effective way of reaching people.

‘Fracking’ can be downloaded completely free of charge, and we would encourage anyone who wishes to use the song as a tool in opposition to fracking to do so. The song was recorded simply and quickly with a minimum of production, so that others who wish to play the song themselves can do so easily. The download is hosted at the following link: http://www.mediafire.com/?vsa9f1rxdrxlbpr

While this song aims to alert more people to the potential disaster that fracking represents, it remains only one part of a wider movement. As such, we would encourage anyone who has an interest in resisting fracking to get involved with their local opposition groups – or where those do not yet exist, to create them, and add to the network of anti-fracking groups across Ireland, the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. The more people who become aware of the dangers of fracking, the greater the opposition movement becomes – this song aims to increase that awareness and get more people involved in the fight against fracking. Any feedback or queries can be directed to notofracking@gmail.com

Lyrics to ‘Fracking’:

So they’ll drill another fracking well,

This time it’s our backyard.

I remember protests here, we won,

But I also remember that big business measures quantity and profit.

They’ll pollute the water, pollute the air.

Are they insane? They don’t care.

‘Forget the people, forget the earth!’

‘Think of the money this gas is worth!’

Governments permit these holes,

waste and a license sold.

The ‘itty-bitty’ people organise to make them stop it.

And you can. We can.

A community in protest,

Thousands of voices in opposition,

To save our children from a future so bleak.

They’ve got another goldmine, Buried beneath our feet.

They smell a profit,

but they’ve got it wrong if they think they’ve got us beat.

Fracking – Not me.

More drills – Not us.

Fracking – Not me.

More wells – Not us.

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  1. It should be mentioned that the Fracking debate hasn’t ended in Ballymoney yet. The argument is still ongoing and it seems likely that certain companies are playing the waiting game.

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