Earth First! Journal Volunteer Work Week set for this Summer

And you might even get to meet some locals from the Everglades EF! crew who pulled of this anti-biotech canopy occupation, last year…

Hey you campaign hoppers and summer travelers! If you have a way to get down to South Florida following this summer’s Round River Rendezvous, consider joining forces with the Earth First! Journal.

The Earth First! Journal Collective is hosting a Volunteer Work Week for July 16-20th. The kickoff is Saturday and Sunday (14th & 15th) with a camp out in the Everglades watershed (location TBA), including a possible canoe trip on the Loxahatchee river.

Projects for volunteers range from compiling stories for the daily news feed, sending out advertising emails, doing “Dear Famous Person” outreach, finding groups or infoshops to become contact subscribers, creating a new merchandise and catalogue, searching grants to apply for… the list of possibilities is endless!

If you know for sure that you can make it, please RSVP ASAP so we can accommodate housing space accordingly. The EF! J Collective can’t provide everything for the week, but we will do our best to share food, bicycles and other needs. The sooner you contact us with your needs, the better we can set these things up.

The EF!J Collective is also accepting applications for a short-term Collective position for the Fall, which includes a small stipend for a two-month minimum commitment. Please contact us through the Collective email (collective [at] to receive an application. Those interested are encouraged to participate in the Volunteer Work Week to get a taste of what working with the Journal staff includes.

Volunteers and Short-Termers will also have the opportunity to engage with the the Lake Worth community, enjoy beach days, take part in the collective bike shop, participate in queer movie nights, and experience the Everglades.

Can’t swing the hike south? We also currently need volunteers that can work from afar. If this interests you, please contact us on the Collective account. As always, you can support the Journal from afar by making a donation or becoming a subscriber.

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