Redwood Coast Rendezvous

“Hey! Green Diamond – Stop Clear-Cutting!”

Redwood Coast Rendezvous

A Regional Earth First! Rendezvous
August 2nd-9th
Location: to be announced

We’re inviting all radical forest lovers to the Redwood region to gather, learn techniques in direct action, share skills and music,take action to defend our forests and have a damn good time doing it! If you need some convincing to come out to the Redwood Coast Rendezvous, check out this video: Dancing in the Treetops.

Earth First! Humboldt are also accepting tree sit volunteers for June and July. Help maintain the only tree-sit in the country by learning the art of living a hundred feet off the forest floor in a Redwood Tree! Those interested can contact EF! Humboldt at: With a minimum commitment time, you will learn how to be a safe and functional member of Treetopia  – a magical place that needs your help in standing strong!

We have been occupying the canopy in a grove of threatened Redwoods to prevent them from being cut down since February 2009. Timber giant Green Diamond Resource Company wants to clearcut this and thousands more acres of Redwood forest. You are welcome to join us in the tree-tops. Minimum stay is a week. You can also help by spreading information or sending us funds or supplies like climbing rope, carabiners, digital cameras, sleeping bags, waterproof tarps, solar panels, etc. Thanks for your support!

Visit: for more information!

Contact us by phone: 707.845.1325


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