Walter Bond moved to CMU Prison

Walter Bond
USP Marion CMU
PO Box 1000
Marion IL 62959

Walter Bond is being held in a controversial type of U.S. prison called a Communication Management Unit (CMU), which was set up by the Bureau of Prisons during the administration of George W. Bush.  The prisoners held in a CMU are considered terrorists by the U.S. government and their every means of communication is severely restricted, regulated and monitored. When Walter arrived at the Marion CMU, he was given a notice explaining the official reason why he is there, “Your current offenses of conviction are for Use of Fire or Explosives to Damage or Destroy Property in Interstate Commerce, Force, Violence and Threats Involving an Animal Enterprise, and Arson Damaging Property in Interstate Commerce. Your offense conduct including significant communication with and providing assistance to the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a group considered a domestic terrorist organization and in which you have claimed membership. Your communication with the community requires heightened controls and monitoring.”

Part of the rules are that Walter may not speak of anyone in the third party, or receive third party information about others. He asks that you write to him directly, rather than ask someone else to pass along a message or question. Walter must formally request permission beforehand from his jailers for each person he writes to, calls or from whom he receives a visit. He has access to a monitored form of email, so you can include your email address, if that is of interest.

Although the CMU is undeniably and unrelentingly invasive, punitive, cruel and unjust, Walter reports, “Since I arrived here my sense of serenity has increased. I do not feel shaken or erratic in my emotions… I see how fortunate I am. My prison sentence is so short compared to many, my hardships in life so few compared to so many others.”

Please note the following mail regulations:
Letters & Cards — no glitter or stickers
Manila envelopes containing internet printouts – maximum 20 pages
Books — sent direct from bookseller or publisher only – no more than 5 in a package
Photos – size 8×10 or 8×11 – no more than 2
Photos – size 3×5 or 4×6 – no more than 25
Photos – NO polaroids
Magazine and newspaper subscriptions sent direct from publisher — unlimited
No other packages can be received.
No newspaper/magazine clippings, blank paper, stamps, envelopes, or anything other than items listed above may be received by a prisoner.

Walter Bond’s book wishlist can be found here.

All mail is opened and read.

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