Hecklers disrupt Ohio Governors State of the State speech to protest fracking

from Dayton Daily News

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — Troopers helped escort seven hecklers out of Gov. John Kasich’s State of the State address as he talked about drilling for natural gas in eastern Ohio.

They shouted “John Kasich is selling out Ohio” during the Tuesday speech at a school in Steubenville.

The Highway Patrol says two additional hecklers left on their own. There were no arrests or charges.

Before the speech, about 100 demonstrators gathered outside on issues including a new drilling technique and union rights.

Elaine Mastromatteo of Bristolville was among drilling protesters. She held a sign reading, “Stop governmental corruption, environmental destruction,” and said she wants Kasich to work for citizens, not corporations.

State Rep. Robert Hagan of Youngstown also was with drilling opponents and rented a bus to carry about 50 demonstrators to the speech.

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  2. I was there, It was great! Homeland Security was there, and sharpshooters were on the roof. It was the first time in 200 years the governer of Ohio didn’t have the State of the State speech at the state house. This year, he decided to have it at an elementary school during school hours, so we were placed in a “free speech zone” what happened to our first amendment???

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