Mother Polar Bear Mauls Chevron CEO, Rampages in Defense of Cute Cub

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Just kidding, but sooner or later the bears are bound to get their hands on a CEO and when they do, we will report it to you!

In the past we have posted and published stories about wild leopards, jellyfish, and other animals and humans confronting the loss of wilderness by fighting back.

The Earth First! Journal publishes news from the frontlines of the war to stop the earth brutilizing machine and we need your help. All over the world a battle is raging and we are here to get the word out about it.

We currently need to raise $400 in order to finalize our payment to our printers and roughly $600 to mail the magazine out. Our publication allows us to maintain our online presence as well through the Earth First! Journal Newswire which is one of the best sources for information about protests, actions, and environmental and animal rights.

Did you know that the state of Montana is using military grade unmanned drones to hunt wolves?

Did you know that Canadian activists have been blockading logging trucks in sub-zero temperatures for the last couple weeks?

Did you know that Earth First! and Occupy protesters recently blockaded a bridge at a corporate investors meeting?

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the Earth First! Journal collective

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