Earth First! Journal Too Popular for Facebook

The Earth First! Journal is now so popular that we have maxed out our Facebook page at 5,000 friends! So, we have a new Earth First! Journal organization Facebook page that allows us more than 5,000 “fans”. Please check it out and “like” us at This is a great place for folks to keep up to date on the Earth First! Journal and show their support!

WOW, the Earth First! Journal has 5,000 friends on Facebook? So we can stop organizing now…right? No! Now we want to see all 5,000 of our Facebook “friends” at the Winter Organizers’ Conference (stay tuned for more details), next Summer’s Round River Rendezvous  in New York and organizing daily bad-ass actions in defense of Mother Earth!

As always, REMEMBER Facebook is THE primary tool of surveillance for the state and private security. It has made the cops job easier (but maybe made them lazier.. like it has the rest of us). So don’t be careless about what you post. Know that it may show up in a court indictment some day (for yourself OR someone else).

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  2. The Forest Service in and around Lehigh Acres Florida has been smashing and chopping thousands of acres of Saw Palmetto plants in the name of fire prevention. They are killing countless amounts of wildlife including the Gopher Tortoise. They say they are smashing it down so the flames won’t be so high, but at what price? All they do is horribly kill the local wildlife residents, create dead brush and allow exotics to come in and take the place of the Saw Palmetto they kill. It would be like bulldozing the forest so there are no fires to worry about.

    I am trying to find a group to look into this to save the animals from being crushed to death.

    Thank you,

    Keely Cinkota

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