Free Earth First! Journal subscription to the first person who Tars and Feathers Brandon Darby

Today government informant Brandon Darby, along with other Tea Party assholes, wrestled an editor of the Earth First! Journal and other immigrant solidarity activists out of a Tea Party conference in Orlando featuring pro-border, anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona.


EF! Journal editor Ana Rodriguez also confronted anti-immigrant City Commissioner Scott Maxwell in Lake Worth in Nov. 2009. What a badass.

Ana Rodriguez, an immigrant activist and editor with the Earth First! Journal, was dragged across the floor of the conference center. She had this to say:

“I got thrown out of an Arpaio Tea Party event by Brandon Darby and all I got was this lousy rug burn on my ass!”  

Another activist also entered the conference handing out this flyer. They too were kicked out, after having a black sheet thrown over them and also being physically forced from the Orlando Airport Marriott conference center, also by Brandon Darby.

It seems that Darby, who entrapped two young activists during the 2008 RNC and put them in prison, is now the pseudo-populist right wing’s goon of choice. Being that he’s on a speaking tour around the country, the Earth First! Journal is offering some incentive to greet him properly in your town. We will give a free year’s subscription to anyone who delivers his just desserts.

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  1. Good for Brandon Darby. Since you like the term “goons” it was your left-wing goons that were there for one purpose – to disrupt a gathering of people and they brought their banners and were ready to use them to do so. So stop with your moralizing bull-shit, your are nothing more than a bunch of anarchist pigs and Brandon had their number. If you wanted to “protest” the useful idiots could have done so out side the front door.

  2. Oh, and by the way … why don’t you define what “just desserts” is in your world? Do you have the guts to tell the truth what that means to you? I doubt seriously you do becuase you are all so devoid of any moral moorings you flow to and fro like a ship lost in the night. Sad you are.

    • We mean, Brandon Darby tared and feathered in a public square while his middle-class “tea party” watches.

      Listen Brandon, we invite you to a debate. We’ll come to your right wing studio. Give us a date!

      • Any leftist turn-coat is a hero of mine. Darby went from being a Maoist to a Tea Party Republican. Thats a mighty switch.

        And all this slander just because he put two anarchist teenagers behind bars for a few years, should do them good.

        He’s our lap dog now you stupid Stalinists. He’s our boy now! Those two kids he put away were going to engage in property destruction!…just like the Boston Tea Party folks long ago. Thats not what we are. We don’t believe in the old Tea Party. We are upstanding Tea Party people. We hold signs! God bless Brandon Darby! God Bless America.

    • Apparently you having a problem understanding what English words mean. Tough break for you, but you share that attribute with your Tea Party pals, so I guess at least your stupidity has company.

  3. Tarring and feathering, eh? The real Tea Partiers would have approved. (I’m referring to the Sons of Liberty’s actions against tax collector John Malcolm in 1773, for those lacking historical perspective.)

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