Uncle Monkeywrench Wants You to Support the Eco-Resistance

We need you! to support 30 years of no-compromise, grassroots, direct action print media!

If you like the EF! Journal, the EF! Newswire and the promise of a wilder future (or would simply like us to stop asking for money), please donate a few bucks through our kickstarter fundraiser, paypal, or send a check to PO Box 964 / Lake Worth, FL / 33460

In the good ole days liberationists would expropriate bank funds for the movement! What did you do this summer? Ha ha ha wink wink nudge nudge Black Liberation Army, I.R.A., but seriously, can you throw down a few bucks or a few hundred to help keep the Journal alive and reporting from the frontlines of the ecological resistance?

Here is the break down of our needs:

4,000 bucks to go to print

1,000 bucks for new computers

something to cover the cost of the calories necessary to keep the editors alive long enough to produce the Journal

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  1. you should accept bitcoins (bitcoin.org). They can’t be traced or seized by the state, and are decentralized (no bank or nation backs them)

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