Turkish Protesters Hault Power Plant Construction, Burn Drilling Equipment

On September 5th, Turkish residents and environmental activists barricaded several roads leading to the village of Yaykil village. They blocked the movement of construction crews from the Anadolu Group, which is partnered with McDonalds and Coca Cola, that is attempting to build a geothermal plant against local residents wishes.

Activists and the police exchanged volleys of rocks and pepper spray. Twenty-five activists and four police were reported injured. Later in the evening several activist homes were raided by police. Six activists were detained.

On the night of September 6, a large drilling vehicle parked on the outskirts of town was completely destroyed by fire. Police are currently investigating the sabotage.

Click here to see photos of the confrontation: http://www.gerzegundem.com/son-dakika/yaykilda-kan-akti-h545.html


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