New “Informant Tracking” feature on the Earth First! Newswire

The EF! Journal’s editorial collective has posted a featured page on the EF! Newswire website this week which allows people to learn details about those who are known informants in the government’s effort to monitor and repress ecological and animal activists. While a recent report by investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson states that the FBI has recruited a network of informants that today numbers around 15,000 (many of whom focus on Muslim communities), we can only know for certain the informants who are revealed through official court documents (often in the plea agreements of cooperating defendants.)

The point of this new page is to allow others a chance to know if they are associating with informants (for example, two individuals now working in the computer security field: Justin Samuel and Darren Thurston) who have a bio listed there.

We hope that this site may also serve to neutralize the effectiveness of these people and discourage individuals who would consider cooperating with the state as an option. To this end, we also feel it is also important to stress that active support for non-cooperating political prisoners is a critical tool in stemming the turncoat tide that swept the national in the past five years. Check out the EF! Journal‘s prisoner page.

Click here for the Informants Tracking page (or see tabs above.)

p.s. Remember, if the cops come knockin’, you have the right to remain silent and retain legal counsel. We recommend finding a good movement attorney…

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