Susquehanna River is the most Endangered River in the US–Hydrofracking is the culprit

A recent report by the conservation group American Rivers declares that the 444 mile Susquehanna River, which runs through New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland is the most endangered in the US. The cause: hydraulic fracturing (aka, hydrofracking, gas drilling, fracking).

Fracking involves blasting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals deep into the rock or shale to push natural gas pockets out. It is one of the most controversial extraction process currently used by industry. Posioned rivers, creeks, and drinking water supplies have awoken those that live near fracking operations to the threat to their lives and ecosystems.

Some 6.2 million people depend on the Susquehanna for drinking water,  according to an estimate by the attorney general of Maryland.

Following is the list of other highly endangered rivers in the US and their threats.

Alaska’s Bristol Bay (copper and gold mining)

Virginia and North Carolina’s Roanoke River (uranium mining)

the Chicago River in Illinois, (sewage pollution) 

the Yuba River in California (hydro-power dams)

the Green River in Washington (exploratory drilling and mine development)

the Hoback River in Wyoming (natural gas extraction)

the Black Warrior River in Alabama (coal mining)

the St. Croix River in Minnesota and Wisconsin (the rollback of protections)

the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri (overuse and poor management)

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  1. Yeah, between shale & industialized factory farming where farm animals use creeks & streams as toilets (which run into the river). And in Lancaster County PA, they blame “invasive speices” (flathead catfish) for killing off bass populations & encourage a “do as your told, never question anything” mindless public to kill the catfish & throw them along the banks. It’s the money that rules, no doubt about that. The dollar is the emperor now…

  2. If my beautiful river gets contaminated from gas drilling I will personally wage war on the gas companies, and i don’t mean a cold war lives will be lost ammo will be spent! I’m speaking for the Susquehanna which can’t speak for its self!

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