Egyptian sabateurs attack pipeline

Unknown attackers have blown up a pipeline that runs through El-Arish area of Egypt’s north Sinai area and supplies gas to Jordan and Israel, according to Egypt’s state television. State TV quoted an official as saying that the “situation is very dangerous and explosions were continuing from one spot to another” along the pipeline. Authorities are saying that the pipeline has not been seriously damaged, however. This pipeline is a testament to environmental racism — it runs directly through Bedouin land, and the most recent action of sabotage comes only a year after Bedouin tribespeople attempted to blow up the same pipeline in retaliation for unfair treatment. It is also probably linked the revolutionary movement of the last two weeks, which has struggled to unseat the military dictator, Mubarak.
There was a massive gas explosion shortly after the attack, but authorities have blamed a gas leak for that (not the sabotage). click here or here for more.

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