Two Industrial Tar Sands Links

The ITD (Idaho Transportation Department) will issue permits to Conoco-Phillips today, January 25th. They are expected to start the first load up wild and scenic route 12 on February 1st, destined for the Canada tar sands. Conoco-Phillips and ITD claim that only one load will be on route 12 at a time. And it will take 3 weeks before the first 2 loads can get to Billings and the trailers can come back to pick up the next 2 loads. click here for more.

TransCanada Corp. is moving forward with a plan to build a 1,700-mile pipeline to carry heavy, high-pollutant oil from the tar sands under the boreal forests of northern Alberta, across the American heartland, through scenic ranchlands in the piney woods of east Texas and on to refineries near Houston and Port Arthur. For many in Texas — who are holding meetings, passing out leaflets and hosting neighborhood talks with, of all people, the Sierra Club — the Keystone XL pipeline is a barrel too far. Right now, the issue is before the State Department. click here for more.

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