UK Snitch Talks About More Snitches

An investigation by the Guardian revealed Mark Kennedy used a fake passport to travel to 22 different countries, gleaning information about left-wing activists and relaying sensitive details back to his police handlers since around 2003. Kennedy was then asked about other individuals in the protest movement about whom activists had suspicions. One was a campaigner who lived in Leeds and was closely involved in planning a major protest intended to close down the Drax coal-fired power station in North Yorkshire. There were already suspicions over the woman, who was in her 30s, after she disappeared suddenly around 2008 claiming to have fallen in love with a man in Coventry. The woman has not been seen since. The six friends present when Kennedy broke down and admitted he was a spy then asked him directly if the woman was also a police officer. “He [Kennedy] nodded and said: ‘Yeah, but you know about that already,” said Craig Logan, 37, who was present. Kennedy is then said to have indicated that there were several other police officers living undercover in the protest movement. click here for more.

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