World News: Clashes Follow Oppression in Israel, Blockades Strike Bolivia

1,000 protesters clashed with police at the Israel-Palestine “security fence,” with protesters insisting that this was “the fence’s last day.” click here for more. This comes three days after the sentencing of Anarchists Against the Wall cofounder, Yonatan Pollak, to three months in jail for participating in a 2008 Critical Mass bikeride in Tel Aviv.Click here for more.

In other news, major disruptions occurred throughout Bolivia as President Evo Morales lifted gas subsides, sending fuel prices soaring over 80%. Morales claims that lifting the subsides means shedding previous neo-liberal economic programs. While making fuel less available may also lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, trade unions and neighborhood associations have lead strikes and blockades against the government in protest against Morales’s decision. Click here for more.

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