Victory Against King Coal plus more

From “The Independent System Operator (ISO) in New England now has 60 days to put together a plan to get this (unpopular coal) plant off-line sooner rather than later. Just remember, this plant contributes to nearly 20 premature deaths, 36 heart attacks, and 316 asthma attacks every year. This is especially horrible given that it does not power the homes of Salem, Massachusettes. It’s time to shut this plant down.”

Things are not going as well for the residents of Jackson, Tennessee, who are protesting a new landfill in a majority black neighborhood. The landfill will cause health and nuisance concerns, and is a clear sign of the environmental racism of a wasteful and ignorant ruling class. Click here for more.

Meanwhile, the Army Corps of Engineers have been given over $300 million to dredge the Delaware River in spite of local government, which opposes the project. Opponents of the project pointed out that the project has been questioned three times by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, called economically wasteful and environmentally dangerous in numerous studies and has been legally by two states and five advocacy groups. Click here for more.

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