Potential Major Victory In Struggle Against Vivisection

After a year of huge disappointments, including the sentencing of several activists to multiple years in prison, anti-HLS campaigners are celebrating a potentially huge victory: In a statement released by anti-HLS campaigners, activists have disclosed that “Fortress Investment Group have ceased all loan facilities with Huntingdon Life Sciences / LSR / and all associated subsidiary companies. They will not re-finance the loan either themselves or via any other financier. More information will be made public soon.”

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  1. I think it’s premature to even be talking about this.

    Until SHAC makes the announcement that this is confirmed I think HLS campaigners would do best to keep Fortress and Fortress’ shareholders in their sites.

    Let’s not forget that Fortress lied in the past about cutting ties to HLS, and even went so far as to hand-deliver to activists signed statements denouncing HLS and promising not to do business with them – only to continue with the loan anyways.

    I wouldn’t put it past Fortress scum to have sent that statement to Bite Back themselves, to try and take the target off of them and their shareholders.

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