Insult to Injury in Eco-Reporter, Activist Beatings

Oleg Kashin, a reporter who wrote articles about the destruction of the Khimki forest, was methodically beaten nearly to death by two unknown assailants, and is now in intensive care. Meanwhile, editor, Mikhail Beketov, who is now confined to a wheelchair after being beaten two years ago for reporting on the same forest, was convicted of slandering the mayor of Khimki. This comes only days after Khimki activist, Konstantin Fetisov, had his skull fractured by an unknown assailant after being interrogated by police. It is now clear that the Russian state is using its usual methods of conspiring with organized crime to repress the anti-roads and environmentalist movement. Click here for more.
Click here for a comprehensive list of journalists assassinated in Russia since it became “capitalist.”

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