Zombie Ducks, Exposing Gold Mining in Ghana, Anti-Mining Protests in New Zealand, etc.

“One day before Halloween, environmentalists dressed up in their ghoulish best for a serious cause – they wore costumes of dead waterfowl to show their distain over the latest tailings pond tragedy in northern Alberta.” Read more here

According to the UK’s Morning Star, “Communities regularly report incidents of contaminated drinking water and large-scale fish deaths and local farmers claim that attempts to protest against the effects of gold mining have been met with violence by private and government security forces.”

In New Zealand, opponents of mining in the Coromandel protested Nemond Waihi Gold at a drilling site on forestry land in Opoutere, near the touristy outdoors location of Whangamata.

Hundreds of indigenous peoples marched against Vendanta’s aluminum refinery in the Indian state of Orissa. “The tribal men and women, armed with their traditional weapons, marched near Lanjigarh town shouting slogans against the company,” Lingaraj Azad, a leader of Niyamgiri Surakhya Samittee (forum to protect Niyamgiri hills), told IANS. ‘The central government has already denied mining permission. Therefore, there is no reason why the company will continue its refinery here,’ he said. Read more here.

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