Unlabeled GM Seeds Dumped at Monsanto HQ, plus more…

In Australia, protesters dumped “GM-canola weeds and GM-contaminated soy infant formula S-26” on Monsanto’s Melbourne office today. Monsanto has a pattern of leaving bags of seeds on the sides of the highway, which are unmarked and always contain some strains of genetically modified seeds. Click on Gene Ethics for more.

Farmers in Arunchal Pradesh burnt effigies of Chief Minister Khandu in front of the Secretariat in different districts sparking several arrests. Farmers claim that Khandu’s mega dam project will completely transform and obliterate the landscape and their livelihoods. The demonstrators with banners and placards also shouted slogans accusing Khandu and company of oppression tactics. Read more here.

International Save Japan Dolphins Day occurred yesterday with protests across the world, including 18 cities in the US alone. These protests are focused mainly on Japanese embassies, for Japan’s notorious Dolphin slaughter that occurs around this time every year in Taiji. To learn more, click here.

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