Michigan prison guard threatens to rape EF!J correspondant’s daughters and gives out home address to prisoners

The following affidavit is of GRAVE concern to all lovers of justice and inmates in particular. The I.O. attempted to contact the Warden of Oaks Correctional Facility regarding this alleged criminal misconduct as well as administrators at the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC). No phone calls have been returned. Please take some time to let the MDOC know we are watching this one closely.

On this, the 7th day of March, 2010, I, Gerald MuMaugh #254348, and residing at the address to be listed herein below, do swear under the penalties of perjury under the de jure laws of a Michigan Republic, exclusively and/or of a de jure United States of America Government, that the following is true, correct and not meant to be misleading:

Because of the fact that I, with the help of other concerned people, have been exposing factually the frauds/crimes, of, among other things, those underlying the “mass incarceration for profits scheme” of the U.S. Prison/Industrial Complex. I have been put through much hardship at the hands of the functionaries of the Michigan Department of Corrections, including having to discharge on June 8, 2011 instead of being paroled, however more recently one officer of the M.D.O.C. has taken his retaliation to a highly serious level as summarily described to wit:

On 12-17-09, Officer Fink at the Oaks Correctional Facility (address below), refused to give me my breakfast trays and then wrote a bogus assault & battery report on me for trying to report such to the sergeant, and as a diversionary tactic. Such was upheld by the corrupt hearings officer, Elizabeth Buren with no evidence whatsoever.

A few days later the officer came to my cell door and said: “So you want to help get rapists and murderers out.” That statement let me know he’s retaliating over my exposing legal endeavors.

On 2-24-10 out of further retaliation for not only my legal endeavors but for sticking up for one of my witnesses, inmate Abbot, Officer Fink, with the authorization of ARUS Thomas and/or RUM Sanders, went into my D.O.C. file and excerpted my daughters, Jamie and Heather’s names, and then told all the prisoners on my floor such, even spelling out their last name. This act jeopardized my daughters’ safety as at least two of the prisoners sounded very serious about having someone track my daughters down.

Then, on 3-4-10 officer Fink came to the side of my door and said: “I hope they rape Jamie.” This being a positive/affirmative statement that someone has acquired my daughters’ whereabouts. This statement also coincided with his concern that I’m trying to get rapists and murders out of prison, which I am not.

Then, on 3-5-10 officer Fink was allowed to work on the floor I cell, even though everyone up to Warden Cindi Curtin, including Sergeant Surma, A.P.W. Rick Sharp, and A.D.W Haske know what officer Fink has been doing, however, they don’t care as all they are doing is trying to cover up for him, which I have plenty of their contradictory statements to prove such.

During Officer Fink’s first round of 3-5-10 he came to my door and while staring at me with an angry, demented look he held up a note which said: “I know where they live. They won’t believe you.”

I took this as meaning that Officer Fink found out where my daughters live, and because of his 3-4-10 statement, may have given such to someone; and “they won’t believe you” referring to no one believing my report of such.

On Officer Fink’s last round of 3-5-10 he came by singing: “Oh, Oh, Oh, Jamie will be mine.” I have witnesses to all this.

Prison guards are not above committing heinous crimes, nor is anyone in so-called government for that matter, as the records are replete with cases where jealous guards have killed spouses; raped female guards and prisoners, etc., and that’s just what makes it to public view.

This affidavit of Truth is set forth to not only expose the corrupt acts of this M.D.O.C. Officer in retaliation for my exposing legal endeavors to help get those unlawfully incarcerated freed, such as Keith Wayne Hart, but to publicly thwart any attempts of harm to my daughters; however, I need your help.

Every concerned soul, please contact Warden Cindi Curtin at 231-723-4278; by FAX 231-723-8272, or by snail mail at the address below, and to tell her that you read this Affidavit and that no harm should come to Gerald MuMaugh’s #254348 daughters because of your condoning Officer Fink’s corrupt acts.

Thank you from me, as well as my daughters, for your help.

Gerald has since been transfered to the following address, and asks that you let him know if you are able to support him and his daughters.

Gerald MuMaugh #254348
St. Luis Correctional Facility
8585 N. Croswell Road
St. Louis, Michigan 48880

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  1. This is just disgusting. My heart goes out to brother MuMaugh and I’ll sure as hell be calling that warden!

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