Briana Waters (ctd…)

by Lauren Reagan, ED

In a 33 page 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion, a 3 judge panel ruled that Green Scare defendant Briana Waters’ conviction for the University of Washington Horticulture arson, is hereby reversed and remanded. What happens next is still up in the air, but possibilities abound– she could secure bail pending either a retrial or plea deal. Since her trial, the mean spirited US Atty no longer works for that office, the Judge has since passed away, and Briana has served about 2.5 years in a federal prison in Connecticut. My opinion on the best case scenario would be for plea negotiations to result in a deal that would give her credit for time served, be reunited with her daughter and family, and would spare them the ordeal of a second grueling trial. You might recall the feds have charged her with possession of an incendiary device which carries a mandatory 30 year prison sentence, along with conspiracy and arson. Stay tuned for more developments as they unfold.
Some good news, finally!!

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  1. After reading the entire 33-page opinion, two things are clear to me.

    1) Briana should not have admitted ANYTHING to any law enforcement officers. I recommend watching “Don’t Talk to Cops, Pt. 1” and Part 2.

    2) It appears from the evidence that she was very likely not guilty.

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