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Action Camp is Ruckus’s cornerstone program – where we bring together activists from all over who have a shared vision, and immerse them in a week-long training community to learn nonviolent direct action theory, strategy, planning, and hands-on tactics.

In a post-COP15 world, when it’s clear that our world governments refuse to take meaningful and effective action to avert catastrophic climate change, Ruckus’s Advanced Action Boot Camp for Eco-Justice is a prime opportunity for us to gather to deepen our skills and hone our strategy in order to build sustainable and just communities locally and globally.

This year, we are dedicating our Action Camp to focusing on Advanced skills for participants who have already completed intro trainings and/or have action experience.


What: Advanced Action Boot Camp for Eco-Justice

Where: Harmony Park, Clarks Grove, MN (about 1 hr south of Minneapolis)

When: September 15-21, 2010 (full 7 days of training; participants should plan to arrive the evening of the 14th)

Who: Direct Action experienced activists working on ecological and environmental justice issues. Experience and skill-levels can vary; however, participants should have received some nonviolent direct action training in the past, and have action experience of some kind under their belts.


Participants will be placed in one of the following tracks:

1. Advanced Action Climbing
2. Blockades & Occupations
3. Arts & Action Communications (includes Media, Messaging, Action Communications & Tech, Creative Resistance Arts)

And all participants will receive full-camp trainings in:

-Action Prep & Planning
-Action Strategy & Campaign Planning
-Action Roles
-and more!

We will be tent-camping outside, and have 3 gourmet meals per day prepared by long-time camp chefs!

Our advanced action camp will focus on the intersection of economic and environmental struggles, which we at Ruckus see as foundational to ALL struggles for justice – meaning, we want folks to apply who are going to use these skills in action for justice, and we will not be turning experienced folks away if their work isn’t environmentally focused, though we will seek to align your work with an eco-justice analysis.

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