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After a tumultuous day, we have learned that the Vermillion off-shore drilling rig which caught on fire earlier today has been put out, and no slick seems to have formed. We have also learned that the Greenpeace activists who occupied an offshore rig in the Arctic two days ago have been arrested after leaving their occupation due to severe weather.

In other news, hundreds protested the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline, which would carry about 525,000 barrels of oil per day west from Bruderheim, Alberta and 193,000 barrels per day of condensate eastward along the same route. Enbridge is responsible for one oil spill already this year, and Canadians do not trust the Gateway Pipeline, which might link the world’s most hazardous industrial project, the Tar Sands, to oil tanker routes via the Pacific Ocean.

Prior to this large protest, a climate camp convened in Quebec, drawing more attention to the Tar Sands and its effect on climate change.

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