Photos from the Humboldt Tree Sit

From Forest Defender’s Blog: “just got these photos from Jacoby Creek taken from over 100 feet up in the canopy, that show the nearby logging and the tree-sit platform. It is reported to be quiet there today – no loggers, just the security guard.”

Four tree sitters have created a platform 100 feet up in the redwoods of Jacoby Creek to prevent loggers from clearcutting the beautiful second growth forest. Though Green Diamond claims to take precautionary measures to protect the tree sitters, those up in the trees tell of loggers felling trees dangerously close to their platforms. Shawna of the Redwood Forest Defenders declared that this is an example of “the most company-caused danger forest activists have encountered since the days of struggle against Maxxam’s Pacific Lumber. We don’t want to hurt anyone, we just want them start listening to the people and stop destroying our watersheds by clear cutting redwoods. Maybe the timber wars aren’t over, after all.”

For more information, check out EF! Humboldt.

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