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The Teamsters teamed up with the Center for Health, Environment & Justice, Clean New York and WEACT for Environmental Justice as well as concerned parents, students and consumer activists to protest plastic toys at Toys R Us. The protest called for an end to the “toxic toy story” of exploitation.

First Nations peoples protested the tar sands in northeastern Alberta. The Athabasca Chipewyan and Mikisew Cree First Nations are resisting the tar sands due to the drainage of water resources and the destruction of ecosystems and wildlife among other things.

And for those of you who just can’t do without a little bit of direct action, SORRY! the bite back website is down. In other Animal Rights news, however, Jordan Halliday needs your support! He is facing a year in prison for refusing to comply with a grand jury investigation pertaining to an ALF mink farm liberation. Earlier this month, one of the defendants in that investigation, Alex Hall, was served a 21 month prison sentence.

And finally, for a long overdue story: five activists were arrested in a daring blockade of a primate research facility in good old Oregon earlier this month. The five are awaiting trial for obstructing traffic to the infamous Oregon National Primate Research Center, guilty of the torture and murder of healthy Rhesus Monkeys in the name of illegal and sadist scientific research.

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