Hands Across the Sands

From Jack Nounnan:

Please to tell others….

Everyone encouraged to attend one of these “Hands across the Sand” events locally, in face of these oil calamities….a more silent ‘presence’ and way to begin this ‘sea change’ confronting our lives… with our simple power of the collective conscience…and motivating us to reflect and determine what we must do beyond gatherings… to making needed and great changes to save our life.

Gatherings are happening around the country

Worth noting: Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist, researcher who unveiled the characteristics of water with its physical responses to our emotions, tells how people with predominantly angry emotions near water, actually make it dull, while it’s more brilliant, shimmering, more vibrant and obviously ‘alive ‘ in proximity toxpeople expressing good will.

His message here on the eve of our gathering’s on our beaches Saturday:

“I send this (prayer) energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings…to the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae … humankind … to ALL. (It’s about this calendar day, set aside for asking forgiveness)

We can harmoniously blend the Absolute and the relative, knowing compassion and truth are great revitalizers and sustainers of life.

A.P. 6/23… Judge lifts offshore ban on drilling. Says:”It was rash and heavy handed … and (after all) only one spill. ….It will have immeasurable effect upon industry…and the ban refused to take into consideration the safety record of companies.”

A.P. 6/23… Oil execs close ranks behind BP in slamming drilling ban!…(mentioning plans to start drilling in the Mediterranean soon.

A.P. 6/22… Oil spill off the coast of Egypt in the Red Sea, which continues, despite governments reports, which have lied about having it contained!

A.P. 6/1. Environ. gr. .. Warns us the Obama administration … on the verge of supporting removing the International ban on whale hunting.

Regularly now we’re hearing of oil giants plans to start drilling in the Arctic this fall

A.P. 6/24 DesMoines, Iowa…40,000 gallon aquarium showcase of sea beauty, teeming with life, now is simply water, empty of life, dull, with artificial coral, appearing like an oil spill.

A.P. 6/24 BP again, their container ‘accidentally’ knocked over BY (human/technical errors we can always count on)…the full impact of this oil loose again.

p.s. our first stop on the tour went well at the Journal Roadshow. Thanks to Lawrence, Kansas and the Percolator Gallery!

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