From the Shadows: Toronto, Minneapolis and the ALF

This year’s G20 protest in Toronto is shaping up to be the biggest ever… The Toronto Community Mobilization Network is planning themed days of protest of environmental justice and indigenous solidarity. Organizers are filing injunctions against the use of sound cannons, but oppression is increasing on the streets as two activists have already been arrested for putting up posters about the event.

Meanwhile, folks in St. Paul/Minneapolis have begun stepping up protests against the war in Afghanistan, since US forces have accelerated both the killing of civilians and the faciliation of the exploitation of the nation’s raw materials.

And in other news, the Animal Liberation Front broke a lengthy period of silence, claiming responsibility for an April 30 arson that destroyed a Sheepskin Factory in Denver and a June 11 Tandy Leather Factory store in Salt Lake City, Utah. The communique, signed “ALF Lone Wolf” and sent June 15, declared, “Be warned that making a living from the use and abuse of animals will not be tolerated.” On June 12, a hunting stand was destroying in Minnesota by a group calling itself the Animal Rights Militia. Their imperative: “There is no excuse for inaction. Get out and fight!” Activists are wondering if this recent upsurge in militant animal rights action could forebode further actions in the future. See Bite Back for more about global direct action in defense of the environment.

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