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Mabon/Fall 2018: Vol. 38 No. 3

The Earth First! Journal says HELLO to Oregon! In this issue, we get to know our new bioregion. This magazine is full of articles about southern Oregon, its Indigenous history, ecological relationship with fire, and active anti-pipeline campaigns happening in the region! Plus, there’s a series of reportbacks from last summer’s Round River Rendezvous, updates from Black Mesa Indigenous resisters, the Blue Mountains  and the struggle against the Line 3 pipeline in Anishanaabe territory, and much more!

Litha/Summer 2018: Vol. 38 No. 2

The Earth First! Journal says goodbye to Florida! Check this issue out for victories and mistakes the project made during it’s 9-year run in the swamp; a brief history of Everglades Earth First! and the fight to save the Briger Forest; and reportbacks from other groups and projects working to protect the endangered wilderness of the southeast. Plus updates from Mountain Valley pipeline fighters and residents of the ZAD, and how-to fuck with ICE and prison buses, along with much more!

Eostar/Spring 2018: Vol. 38 No. 1

In this issue you’ll find updates on the ZAD’s win over an airport in France; news from the fight against a pipeline in New York’s Hudson Valley; an interview with folks in Rojava working together to fight ISIS and maintain an ecologically responsible society; and more! As always, there’s also info on political prisoners, news from the eco-wars, and our updated directory of eco-action groups.


Yule/Winter 2017-18: Vol. 37 No. 4

Check out this issue of the Earth First! Journal for updates on forest defense campaigns in the Pacific Northwest; pipeline resistance in Michigan and the UK; a reflection on the longterm mental health impacts of direct action; reportbacks from the Great Basin and Kansas; and a convincing argument for smashing your phone, among other things! Plus updates on political prisoners, news from the eco-wars, and our updates directory of eco-action groups.

Mabon/Fall 2017: Vol. 37 No. 3

Follow radical environmentalists defending against logging in California, Oregon, and Poland; shutting down coal plants in the UK; battling pipelines in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan; opposing the prison industry in Texas; and delaying the Dakota Access Pipeline with sabotage of construction equipment in Iowa and beyond. And that’s not all! Get updates on political prisoners, eco-action groups, and the latest Earth First! events.

Litha/Summer 2017: Vol. 37  No. 2

Get up to date on rad happenings from Summer 2017 including updates on animal liberators facing legal repercussions, resistance to uranium infrastructure, a call to action against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the shills pushing is forward, a reportback from Chile and their struggle against genetically engineered trees, a look back at the evictions at Standing Rock, a history of hunt saboteurs, a scathing indictment of Trump’s border wall, why environmentalists must also be antifascists, impacts of drone technology on environmental activism, and of course our standard updates on eco-prisoners, reports on direct actions around the world, and our eco-action directory.

Eostar/Spring 2017: Vol. 37 No. 1

Read updates from the Hambach Forest, reflections on Standing Rock and the #NoDAPL movement, a reportback from the #ResistJ20 protests, a how-to on intersectional scouting, an interview with Tacoma Direct Action, and a whole lot more– including our eco-action directory, eco-prisoner updates, and catalogue of environmental actions from around the world. Plus, Trump is on the cover being dragged out of the White House by bears and wolves!

Yule/Winter 2016-17: Vol. 36 No. 4

This volume includes articles from the front lines of the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline; an update on the Flint water crisis; essays on anarchy, nature, the ALF, and freeway shutdowns; a heavy machinery matching game; some bleak perspectives on the Trump presidency; and so much more!


Mabon/Fall 2016: Vol. 36 No. 3

This issue includes articles on pipeline resistance in Chile, coal plant shutdowns in The Netherlands, the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons, sea turtle rescue in Central America, and much more!


Litha/Summer 2016: Vol. 36 No. 2

This issue includes articles on treesitters fighting pipelines in Pennsylvania; California’s lesser-known desert creatures; land defense and the assassination of activists in Honduras; forest defense and train blockades in Australia; an interview with an environmental and animal liberation activist and survivor of sexual assault in the movement; an update from Buffalo Field Campaign and their recent victories and losses; and much more!

eostar 2016 front cover

Eostar/Spring 2016: Vol. 36 No. 1

This issue of the Earth First! Journal includes articles tar sands pipeline shutdowns, anti-fracking victories in Denmark, a hunt sab victory for seals in Scotland, a reportback from the COP21 climate conference, a call for attacks on the railroad system, and much more!



Yule/Winter 2015-16: Vol. 35 No. 4

This issue of the Earth First! Journal is 80 pages of news, updates and analysis from the radical ecological resistance movement. Along with political prisoner updates, an eco-action group directory, and news of direct actions around the world, this issue includes articles on biocentrism, animal liberation, the TPP, the COP21, the green anarchist and Earth First! “divide,” four stories of communities standing up against fracking, and much, much more!

Mabon 2015

Mabon/Fall 2015: Vol. 35 No. 3

Wow what an issue! Forest defenders in Finland sabbing and blocking construction of a nuclear plant; activists in Portland, OR, dangling from a bridge to stop Shell from making their way to the arctic; updates and interviews with current and former eco-prisoners; our “Eco-Terrorist Watch List”; and that’s not all that’s in the issue, there’s more!



Litha 2015Litha/Summer 2015: Vol. 35 No. 2

This “save the wild—smash the state” issue focuses on intersections between state infrastructure and the environment. It includes features on the prison-industrial complex; the US-Mexico border; the casualties of the Climate Justice movement; updates on Utah Tar Sands Resistance and the fight to defend Burnaby Mountain; an interview with Paul Wright of Prison Legal News; and much more.


eostar 2015 coverEostar/Spring 2015: Vol. 35 No. 1

Features include “Untrodden Ground is Fertile Ground: On the Space Between Climate Policy and Direct Action Against Fossil Fuels,” “Feet on the Ground: Direct Action in Cambodia’s Wild,” and a how-to article called “Picking a Target and Finding Their Address. Also includes campaign updates from Northern California’s defense of the Mattole Forest and Germany’s Hambach Forest occupation.


samhain 2014Samhain/Fall 2014: Vol. 34 No. 3

Features articles on Germany’s Hambach Forest occupation battling Europe’s largest polluter; grassroots resistance to genetically engineered trees; the battle for Northern California’s Mattole Forest; an interview with Dylan Powell on building coalitions for animal liberation; thoughts on how white cis-dudes can step back instead of stepping out of activist communities; ALF prisoner Kevin Olliff’s recipe for making pad thai in prison; and much more.



Beltane 2014Beltane/Spring 2014: Vol. 34 No. 2

This issue contains a compilation of the famous “Early History of the Robot Wars”; an interview with anarchist organizer and thinker scott crow; a feature on intertribal relationships and Indigenous-led movements from the Amazon River to Winnemem Wintu territories; stories and campaign updates from Marcellus Shale Earth First!, Cascadia and Eastern Oregon, as well as the fight to save Willits, California, from highway expansion; and a whole lot more!


brigid 2014Brigid/Winter 2014: Vol. 34 No. 1

Includes articles on the Elsipogtog First Nation resistance to fracking; fighting Chevron in Romania; hunt sabotage against the UK badger cull; as well as a reportback on the Cascadia Trans and/or Women’s Action camp; “The Ecology of a Police State, or: Why Hating Cops May Be the Most Environmentally Sustainable Decision You Can Make”; and more.



Brigid 2013Brigid/Winter 2013: Vol. 33 No.1

This Eco-Liberation issue features articles on intersectionality in the environmental movement, including “In the Wild, We Are Free from Abuse,” “Eco-Liberation: The Renewal of Radical Environmentalism,” and “Eco-Feminism, Anti-Oppression, and Movement Building”; also includes articles on the Unist’ot’en resistance to pipelines, La ZAD: Europe’s Largest Postcapitalist land Occupation; the story of Jonathan Paul; “Crazy Horse was a Sober Warrior”; and much more.


lughnasadh 2012Lughnasadh/Summer 2012: Vol. 32 No. 3

The last issue of 2012 includes updates from the Texas Tar Sands Blockade; anti-frack action; Luddite revival; updates from Cascadia; eco-erotica; and much more, including the controversial “My Name is Attila Memecz and I Support the Covert Release of Large Predators.”




Brigid 2012Brigid/Winter 2011/12: Vol. 32 No. 1

Featuring wolf defense, sabotage of the high seas, and poetry & fiction. This issue reflects a very specific time in recent US eco-activist history, with the article “If Deep Green Resistance and the Occupy Movement Merged… Reflections from Greece, Fall 2011,” and a 29-page insert from Aric McBay’s “Decisive Ecological Warfare” section of “Deep Green Resistance.”



Mabon 2011Mabon/Fall 2011:Vo. 31 No. 4

Features: “Profiles of Provacateurs” and “Eco on the Rocks: Decepción in Bolivia.” Strategies and Tactics: “GPS Tracking: Discovering, Dismantling and Fighting Back” and “An EF!ers Guide to Citizen monitoring of Water Pollution Discharge Permits.” Also includes campaign and action updates from the Coal River Treesit, the West Virginia Canopy Occupation Against Coal, halting Snowbowl construction on the Sacred Peaks, Oregon’s Elliott Forest, the Trans & Womyn’s Action Camp; and more.


Beltane 2011Beltane/Spring 2011: Vol. 31 Issue No. 2

Includes articles on the future of jaguar populations in the US, ecocide and renewal in Iraq’s marshlands, Indigenous and campesino perspectives on climate change and false solutions, a brief ideological history of the futurists and Canada’s tar sands; an interview with Appalachian Mountain defender Judy Bonds; campaign updates from EF! Humboldt, the forests of Tasmania; “My Name is Emma Murphy-Ellis and I Support Sabotage…”; and more.


30th Anniversary Vol 2Brigid 2011/30th Anniversary Volume 2: Vol. 31 No. 2

The first issue produced by the Earth First! Journal Everglades Office, this companion to the 30th Anniversary Volume 1 includes articles from the Buffalo Field Campaign and the Crimethinc Ex-Worker’s Collective; a “forbidden interview” with the SHAC7; a history of Seeds of Peace; thoughts on Ted Kaczynski; all-in-all over 90 pages of biodiverse, no compromise coverage of the direct action movement.



30th Anniversary Vol 1Samhain/Yule 2010/30th Anniversary Issue Volume 1: Vol. 31 No. 1

The final issue produced by the Tucson Earth First! Journal Office, this is a must-read for anyone catching up on decades eco-activist news from around the world. Including timelines from 1980-2010, coverage from decades past and current fights, and a beautiful Beehive Collective cover, this over 100-page magazine is a manual on eco-defense and Earth First! that can’t be missed.

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