2019 Magazine PDF Download Bundle


This is a new option to support the Journal and access back issues! This product allows you to download PDF versions of all four issues of the Earth First! Journal published in 2019—Eostar/Spring, Litha/Summer, Mabon/Fall, and Yule/Winter 2019. Note: Comes as a compressed .zip folder which must be extracted after download to view the files. Covers are included as separate documents from the insides.


2019 Magazine PDF Download Bundle Includes:

Eostar/Spring 2019: Vol. 39 No. 1

The Spring 2019 issue of the Earth First! Journal offers insight into pipeline resistance from the Indigenous land defense movement in Wet’suwet’en territory to the enduring tree-sits against MVP in Appalachia. You’ll read an interview with members of Ende Gelande, a contemplation of the Sonoran borderlands, and announcements for can’t-miss events coming up this year! This issue also features memorials for two departed Earth First!ers: Lisa “Brooklyn/Ditchwitch” Leggio and Dennis Davie.

Litha 2019: Vol. 39 No. 2

The Summer 2019 issue of the Earth First! Journal includes interviews with Appalachians Against Pipelines and a Mutual Aid Disaster Relief volunteer; a play about saving sea turtles; updates from the Mattole campaign, the Hudson Valley, and animal liberationists; and calls to action for everything from defending the Wind River to getting to know the plants in your bioregion a little better! And of course, you’ll also find updates from incarcerated folks, news from the eco-wars, and much more.

Mabon 2019: Vol. 39 No. 3

The Fall 2019 issue of the Earth First! Journal takes a look at campaigns from Australia to Hawaii to Kentucky, and shares some insights on shutting off pipelines and disguising yourself. This issue also contains a memorial drawing and the final statement of Willem Van Spronsen, as well as a report on border wall resistance from the National Butterfly Center in Texas. Besides that, there’s an adorable info-comic about red tree voles, a crossword puzzle, and plenty of action recaps!

Yule 2019: Vol. 39 No. 4

The Yule 2019-20 issue of the Earth First! Journal contains a survey of the uprisings that swept the globe this fall; interviews from two different struggles in Hawaii; and essays on eco-grief and community, the strategic missteps of Extinction Rebellion, and the unsavory history of eugenics in the environmental movement. Plus, there’s aquatic eco-erotica, missed connections, another crossword puzzle, and reportbacks from several direct actions and action camps!