Call for Submissions: Summer 2020

by the Earth First! Journal collective

Triumphant figures stand outside a burning Arby’s in Minneapolis.

To our readers,

We want to apologize for the gap in magazine production this year. We skipped the Spring issue, but rest assured that subscribers will still receive 4 issues of the magazine–everyone’s expiration date has been extended. We had intended to put out a special 40th anniversary issue for our next issue, but it’s been slow going delving into EF! history and gathering the content we need, so we are postponing until the fall. In the meantime, we are really excited about putting together a Summer 2020 issue.

The Earth First! Journal is 100% submission-based, and we want to hear from you! We are seeking submissions covering the Wet’suwet’en struggle and #ShutDownCanada solidarity actions, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the current uprising in the United States and globally. It would be awesome if some of these submissions could delve into the ecological facets of these events. We would also love to see articles about direct action, maybe geared towards people who are seeing its power for the first time. As always, we also want to hear about smaller campaigns and acts of resistance around the world, as well as biocentric and/or creative writing. If you don’t want to write, consider interviewing someone, submitting black-and-white illustrations or potential cover art, or just letting us know what you want to see in the magazine.

The deadline is July 1. (Let us know if you need a few extra days.)

Email us at Send submissions as plain text, an OpenOffice or Word document, or a RiseupPad or CryptPad link, with “SUBMISSION” in the subject line. If you have photos please attach them separately. We can’t wait to read your brilliant and incisive analysis of the past six months of ecological resistance (and literally anything else you want to send us)!

For the Wild,

Sable, EF!J collective

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