Updates from Durango Earth First!

It sounds like EF!er s in Colorado have a lot on their hands these days. From tracking gold and silver extraction in the pending approvals of the Wildcat Mine proposal, to the opening 2.3 million acres of new oil & gas drilling options on BLM land in northwest Colorado, and lingering leases for uranium extraction.

If you’ve been pondering a visit to the southwest, it might be a good time to pitch in on their struggles there. You can keep up with Durango EF! at this site. And it sounds like there is another new radical ecological presence nearby as well, Canyon Country Rising Tide—out there in the Monkeywrench Gang’s stronghold of Moab, Utah.

And if you can’t make it out there now, than you’re definitely going to want to put it on your calendar for mid-February, when the Earth First! Winter Rendezvous & Organizers Conference is slated to happen in the area (on the Utah side.)

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